Forerunner Consumed with Vision

As the end of 2016 came to a close, I prayed much about the vision for 2017. Many wise and prophetic people have said this is a “year of great change” and “alignment with heavens perspective” is crucial. With this on my mind for weeks, I took a trip to Storehouse-Dallas House of Prayer for some prophetic insight and encouragement yesterday morning. I received exactly what I had hoped from the Lord…confirmation of vision, direction, and encouragement. The Lord is faithful when He says “if you seek me with your whole heart, I will be found by you.”  Thank you Storehouse!

 Everything spoke to me during this ministry time. One thing in particular said was that I am a forerunner. That is not new information to me, but being reminded brought relief and understanding as to why I have been feeling the way I have. I believe many of you reading this are forerunners. I want to encourage you to embrace the vision God has given you for your life no matter how difficult or far away the vision may seem. He has not forgotten you and needs you to fulfill your part. As a forerunner, you will feel alone at times. You feel a bit like what happened in the Narnia adventure…you walk through a secret doorway that is only meant for you to walk through into this beautiful garden of adventure you have only seen in your dreams. It is the kind of vision that you hold dear to your heart and dare not share with those who can not see the vision as you do. It’s actually the place where your destiny is birthed and transformed. Even though you stand alone at times, continue to stand. Find those places of prayer, encouragement and comfort like the Storehouse was for me yesterday when the well seems dry. The fuel you need to continue is attainable and not far away. Search it out. You will be refreshed. This blog is dedicated to all the forerunners who are full of vision. Let’s run together in 2017!