You Are My Beloved, Now Believe It

Have you ever longed to experience a love so profound and perfect it leaves your heart restored with vision, purpose, and identity? Have you ever experienced a love so perfect your soul was flooded with passion for life and a clarity of your destiny and why you were created? Have you felt disappointed time after time with human love and broken promises?

If you have any degree of this longing for perfect love or an aching in your heart for answers to your soul’s cry to be loved deeply and perfectly, I encourage you to take a walk with me through the pages of You Are My Beloved, Now Believe It. This is a book for all people with any faith in any walk of life. If you are alive and breathing, this book is for you! Life is a journey, and to know a perfect love that speaks to your soul unconditional love, value, worth, identity and destiny is something more valuable than gold.

As a Mental Health Counselor, I have found so many people do not understand who they are, why they were created, what their destiny is, or how much they are loved. The quest to seek truth and provide answers to all these questions led me to write this book. As you open your heart to the pages, you will be refreshed and transformed on your journey to life.

I have also published a devotional study guide to go along with the book, written for individuals or group settings. Both book and study guide can be found on The book can be found on Tate Publising website. I would love to hear from you and the inspiration this book has impressed upon you as you read.

Enjoy the journey!